Repeats: skip playback to the second ending

I’ve read the documentation on repeats and read a bunch of forum threads, I’m surprised that I seem to be the first person asking this…

In Write mode, I’ve set up a repeat structure. I want to start playback as if it’s the second time through, so that I can listen to the main part leading into the second ending. Can I do that?

Not yet. This feature has been asked before, altough I know some things are hard to find in the forum. The team is aware, they’ll probably implement something in due course. In the meantime, if ypu really need specific playback stuff, I’d recommend saving as another file and making all the repeats explicit (copying the bars that need to be repeated). Hopefully, insert mode and system track can help you through that.

Okay thanks

I was in the middle of typing a similar suggestion: it would be nice to “skip the repeat bar” or “jump to the second time bar” during play back, by holding down for example the ALT key just before playback reaches that point. It’s probably a bit tricky to program, but it would really help a very frequently occurring situation, where you want to check the music across the repeat sign (or into the second time bar), and the repeat itself is sometimes very long.