Repedal time too slow -- how to repedal faster?

I’m trying to score a piano/vocal piece in Dorico 5.1 SE. There are many eight-note left-hand arpeggios. The pedal needs to go up and down very fast on each chord change. Dorico is rendering the pedal retakes with about an 8th note gap between up and down, which causes it to miss holding the low note of the chord (and hence, sound terrible). If I were playing this, each up/down would be as fast as I could do it. The time of one 16th note would work, but an 8th note is just too slow.

Google found — but those instructions are for version 1; Play | Playback Options doesn’t exist in my version, and I couldn’t find the equivalent instructions for a later version. How do I get the pedal retakes to be fast enough to catch all the notes they would if I were playing the piece?

Welcome to the forum, @Coises. I’m afraid Dorico SE doesn’t include the Playback Options dialog, as you’ve found; that feature is included in Dorico Elements and Dorico Pro. I don’t know whether it might be an option for you to consider upgrading to Dorico Elements? Obviously Elements is not free, but it is available at a discount of 25% between 18 December and 8 January, and it sounds like you would benefit from the extra control that Dorico Elements provides.

If that’s not an option for you, attach your project here, and I’ll adjust the pedal timing options in Playback Options for you, and then upload the revised version.


I’m not sure you would be able to find better customer service anywhere.


Thank your for your kind offer and for your patience. I see now that had I searched both the SE and the Elements manuals, rather than the web, I probably would have discovered that the feature I need is a difference between SE and Elements.

When I started learning Dorico I assumed that if I were happy with it, I would eventually come to a point where Elements would be necessary. I will upgrade.

Thank you again.

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