Repetition jumps at the score end not scalable.

All repetition jumps, e.g. “D.S. al Fine”, cannot be scaled when they are at the end of the score.

Dear EdmKlw,
On the picture you are sharing, I clearly see a “D.S. al Fine” scaled to 70% like the top staff. If your post means “it should not be scaled as the top staff and be kept at 100%” I totally agree. Are you saying that this selected marking, when opening the properties panel, cannot be custom scaled so that it looks 100%? That should be a 10/7 ratio (1,43). I doubt that it is not possible, but if that’s the case, it would have been better to include the properties panel in your picture. I hope this will help in any way!

You can specify that the ‘Repeat Marker Jumps’ and ‘Repeat Marker Sections’ paragraph styles should always be an absolute size and not scale according to the staff size, if you wish.

Thanks Daniel, I will make sure I do that next time! But I don’t think I ever had any problem to scale them “the dirty way”

Yes, Marc, the whole note line is even 60% scaled, so the repeat mark.
But if I just want to scale the repeat mark now (via “custom scale”), it’s not possible. No change in size.
But the discovery: after saving and reloading, the change is effective.

Thanks Daniel, I have to try that.
But scaling via “custom scale” at the end of the score doesn’t work either.
Just as I’ve found now, just saving and reloading helps.

Thanks for the feedback, it might actually help whoever has the same issue!