Repetition of a 2-bar percussion pattern

Hello, could someone explain to me how I can do it using the option (create repetition of measures) to create a repetition of a percussion pattern but of 2 or more measures because I know how to do it to repeat a measure but not for a longer pattern? Is this possible?

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Are you talking about using the two-measure repeat symbol or are you talking about selecting the desired measures and then pressing R as many times as necessary to repeat the written notes?

Sounds like the OP wants the 2-bar repeat. Just type %2 in the popover. You must select 2 or more bars first, otherwise you get the 1-bar repeat!


Hello, I think Iā€™m not explaining myself well. What I want is to repeat a two-bar percussion pattern without having to repeat the entire musical writing simply by using what I do for a bar (create a bar repetition area).

Do you mean this (but for your percussion part, obviously)?

Yes please, what are the steps?

Write your 2-bar pattern. Select all the bars you want it to repeat. Write>create bar repeat region. Set the number of bars property (in the bottom panel) to 2 bars.

  1. Choose two (or four) measures after the two (or four) measures you wish repeated.
  2. Select the Repeat Endings icon in the right panel.
  3. Expand the Bar Repeat Regions section.
  4. Choose Create Bar Repeat Region.
  5. Use the Properties Panel to specify two- (or four-) measure repeats.

And the fast way:

  • Select the empty bars after your pattern, for as long as you want it to repeat
  • Type Shift-R for the Repeats popover and enter %2
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Thank you very much as always in this fast, efficient and very kind forum.

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