Repitch Note Lagging

Hi all,

We’ve been using the repitch note function in Dorico (v3.5) recently, and have found that it seems to lag a very noticeable amount to the phrase being played in (especially when compared with Sibelius 6 running on the same machine). This leads to ‘clumps’ of notes appearing on the stave, which is rather frustrating. We have taken a screencapture to explain the issue which is at the link below:

The machine we are running on is a pretty new Windows 10 Pro machine (4.3GHZ 14-core i9 / 32GB DDR4), and the same issue occurs whether it is running through the Noteperformer 3 playback template, or silence. I have tried recreating the same thing on a 2020 16" Macbook Pro (2.3 GHz 8-Core i9 / 32GB DDR4) and the results are much, much better - the lag is barely noticeable…

Does anyone know if there any known issues with Dorico running on Windows that could cause this lag? Thanks.

Wes & co.

That’s certainly not what I would expect to happen. When you tried this on Mac, were you using the same MIDI hardware? I wonder whether maybe the keyboard is sending a lot of extraneous data (active sensing, clock messages, etc.), which in theory Dorico will filter out in any case, but which somehow might be choking Dorico on your Windows system?

Hiya Daniel - thanks for getting back to me, hope that you guys are all hanging in there.

It was actually on Daryl’s rig in a different studio (so a different keyboard to the one I used with the Mac), and after unplugging his expression pedal on your recommendation, hey presto, the lag problem is solved!!

“Thanks so much - life saver!” - Daryl

I suppose somehow this means that Dorico can’t cope with the incoming data, or somehow isn’t filtering it, even is the expression pedal isn’t sending anything…?

I guess perhaps the expression pedal must be sending something, otherwise that wouldn’t explain the difference in behaviour. Are you easily able to monitor the MIDI output from the pedal so we can see what it’s sending?

We have just tested and yes, it is in fact sending continuous Expression data. It also does this into Nuendo as well, however doesn’t seem to slow it down on MIDI input.