Repitching chords without changing their rhythm

Can I replace multiple notated chords with others having the same number of notes using lock duration? In my efforts so far, I can sometimes do this and sometimes not but have not been able to discover the reason for the difference. (My problem might be made more difficult considering the chords I am interested in are all triplets and I have tried the chord replacements with the triplet function in both the on and off modes.)

You certainly should be able to, dependably. How are you inputting the chords: with a MIDI keyboard or with Quord mode?

I am using a midi keyboard (the same one I earlier used to input the original-pitched chords).

It should be as simple as selecting the first chord, hitting Enter or Shift-N, then L, then playing your chords. If you type a note value then lock duration will automatically be turned off; I’d imagine that the same would occur if you reach for the triplet button (or type semicolon) but I can’t say I’ve tried.

Thanks. I will try again later.