Replace Audio Clip (Events) | New version question

Using the method in the video below, is there any way to do this as two different versions when duplicating a track or creating a new version on the same track?

The problem I have encountered is that I would like to have 2 versions with different sample to compare one and another without the need of constantly drag and drop using the command, however when replacing “ALL” with this method, it replaces everything in the project that exists with the selected audio, and I was wondering if there is a way to make it “unique” in the specified track so to speak.

To avoid confusion, I would like to have a sequence using specific sample and another identical sequence with another specific sample…

if it is already possible, please let me know, if not possible, I raise it as a feature request

  1. Duplicate the track.
  2. Select All Events on the duplicate track. Right click on one of them and select Convert to Real Copy. Now those two tracks are playing the same material but it’s independent.
  3. You can now use the trick in the video to replace all samples on the duplicate track, and have the source track still play the original material.

Probably im doing something wrong, but converting all audios in to a real copy and using the trick above, will then change only one of the samples in that specific track instead of all sequence, am I missing something?

You’re not holding down the modifier? Alt + Shift? Shift alone? Sorry, I can’t remember away from the PC.

I checked in the pool and the trick that you comment what it does is create hundreds of real copies, that is to say, it converts each one of the all selected events in the pool, let’s say each one of the kicks in the selected sequence, so the trick of the video works for only one of the copies where the dragged sample falls… besides having hundreds of copies of the samples that was not the idea main hehe…

I’m thinking that maybe there is no workaround for this.

Well, it seems that it wasn’t meant to be. :smiling_face_with_tear:

It’s doable, but we have to bounce.

  1. Duplicate
  2. Bounce selection on all events of original.
  3. Shift drop the new sample on the Duplicate track.

Edit: I still think this is a good feature request. If a track is all shared copies of one single file, when we create a duplicate of this track, why not have the option to have the events of the track be one new different real copy, shared among all the events of the track.


Well, this doesn’t work for what I’m looking to do which is to try different samples in a sequence to see which one works best… bouncing the whole track isn’t going to do the trick on the contrary

If you can vote, that would increase the chances…

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I would, but I don’t have a single vote left. :frowning_face:

Thanks! So it seems the heart of the trick is to use single events packed into their own Parts from the very start, AND always remember to AltShift drag when building the track, instead of just Alt dragging. Only then will the duplicate track accept the sample replacement choosing “Only this”.

Well, I learned something today, so thanks for that!

Do you think it’s easy workflow though? I don’t.

Also in my opinion, nope… there are several disadvantages to doing this as you can’t always keep shared copies during editing, which I have experienced before and which makes it quite tedious…

There should be an option ALL ON THIS TRACK beside ALL and ONLY THIS. Studio One did that flawlessly. Its so much easier to compose when you have to compare different kicks, hats,snares etc.


I vote for this idea

I need this

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