"Replace Audio File" for multiple clips simultaneously?

I have a song where I made about 12 cuts to change the EQ. Since I was in a hurry to meet a deadline and I didn’t automate, is there an easy way to replace the audio file for all of the sections at the same time? I need to do different versions (acappella , inst, clean, etc) and selecting all of them and trying to “replace audio file” only does so for individual clips.
Thanks for any suggestions!

Maybe you want this?

My guess is that bouncing won’t work because he wants to maintain all the cuts to the original file/clip so that the EQ for each section is retained, he just wants to replace all 12 clips at one time with a new file to process the alternate mix versions.

Bouncing the clips would throw all of that out.

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This is correct, Justin. I made the cuts for the full mix. I need those cuts to also apply to the other versions (acap, instrumental, clean version, etc) and to do that I need to “Replace Audio File”, but do so for all selected clips. Otherwise I’m having to “Replace Audio File” for each and every 12 clip segments for the other versions which means I have to right-click and replace audio file 48 times total for one song. “Replace all selected” would be what is needed here.

If all clips shared the same audio file, then use the function to exchange a file: