Replace audio in track with clip from different track

When trying to replace and audio clip by dragging and dropping clip from another track, the name does change on the track, but the original audio plays instead of the replaced one. Example…first track is Vocal 1-1, second track Vocal 8-1. I drag 8-1 to 1-1, hold down shift and drop. 8-1 now shows on top of 1-1, but 1-1 still plays on that track…I guess I must be missing something dumb…any help out there. Thanks

The last time I checked it worked as intended.
Meaning, the file name changes to the file name you used to replace the event(s) on your timeline, but the description still bears the older media name.
This result is intended behavior, and it makes perfect sense if you understand that you haven’t actually replaced the event, only its content.
Cubase and Nuendo always show the description, and only when the file name doesn’t match the description, it also adds the file name (In parentheses) right after the event description.
When you understand how it works and insists on seeing the file name, you only need to make sure you see the Info Line above the timeline in your project window (I think Ctrl + I toggles it), once you replaced the even(s) content, select the event you have replaced or all the event’s edits if there is more than one, go to the info line event Description field and delete its content. This should automatically generate a new description based on the new file name.