"Replace audio in video" again

Wasn’t that function gone after C10.5?? On the Steinberg Help page there is a explanation to how you can do that but I can’t find it on C12. Is the Help page outdated?
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“Replace Audio in Video File” has been replaced by Video exporting. You can read more about it in this section of the manual:

Hi @Lhotse , Basically, you can (kinda) do that in C12, but it’s not really “replacing the audio”, it’s more like re-rendering the entire video and adding the audio mix on the way.

Maybe you’d like to know that I wrote an App that specializes in replacing audio in any kind of video and much more, it even integrates into Cubando’s Post Process section in the Export Audio MixDown window. If you’d like to check it out, Google search MediaER Pro or ER Media ToolKit (which is the complete bundle that includes MediaER). there’s also a 21 days ,fully functional trial, that you can take advantage of before you decide if it is worth purchasing.

Thanks so much guys.

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