replace audio in video file

This takes FOREVER in Cubase. I just did 45 HUGE videos where I had to do just that. Took aprox. 1/2 - 1 hour pr. video with Cubase. Got Quicktime pro in stead - takes around 5 minutes and it’s very simple.

Advice passed on.

Wow! That sux. Thanks for the tip though. That is very generous of you :slight_smile:.

OK, don’t let this post confuse anyone - Cubase is not a video editing software, that’s Nuendo’s thing. So, like the OP says, QuickTime Pro is the vehicle to add your Cubase edited music to a video.

For that matter, doesn’t Win7 have some built in options to add edited music to video?

Tried a trial of Nuendo. It’s the exact same, slow rutine even though you should think Nuendo handles video better. I’m not confusing anybody, just passing on a tip that saved me days of work. For smaller videos (these were 5-6 GB each) Cubase / Nuendos replace audio in video is probably fine.

thanks for the tip. i use sony vegas pro 11 for video editing, but if you just needed something for basic work, they do sony vegas studio which you can pick up used or older versions at about £20. ed