Replace audio in video not working Wavelab 11

I have followed all of the steps in the process to replace audio in video, the audio renders fine but the resulting video file has no data (Zero bytes) and not playable.

Using WaveLab 11.0.20?

Yes 11.0.20 , just installed it today

What is the format of the video file?

I’m having a similar issue. WL 11.0.20, Mac, Big Sur. It’s creating a WAV file from the new audio but not replacing the old audio. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Forgot to mention the Video format, its a Master File from FCP X, Pro Res 422

I could imagine this video format is not supported. by ffmpeg, that WaveLab is using for the video/audio union.

Thank you for the quick reply. This is the standard "Master File"format for Final Cut Exports. I will try another format and see if it follows. Thank you!