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I have just now done a further search of the forum and the last reference to this subject I could see was May this year when the question was asked again … " When and If this function will be restored to Cubase ?? " A Cubase moderator was speaking of it in June last year in the forum and indicating back then it would be reintroduced as part of a new Video Engine for Cubase .

I used to use this function in a limited way over a few years and have waited for it’s reintroduction . Is this a lost cause or will it be reintroduced ?? … or should I look for an external program to Cubase to do this function ??? I am a musician and am about to transition from amateur use of music for film to some professional use so will need this function . I did find it’s direct inclusion in Cubase convenient … though Quicktime was a little lacking … but still it made coordinating music with film straightforward . I also run Final Cut Pro for the video side .


Wait for Cubase to produce a new video engine ?
Look for an external program ?
Learn how to rely more on Final Cut Pro to produce music for film ?

Any suggestions would be appreciated … I am willing to follow through whatever it takes to sort this out .

Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered with this .

see https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=250&t=140759&p=757318&hilit=mediaer#p757318

Hello Steve ,

Thanks for the reply to my question … I have followed through on the two suggestions you gave in the forum file you directed me to … I downloaded Davinci Resolve and Audiospot Media ER .

The thing that I really liked about the Cubase method of replacing audio in a video file was how I could load the video file Into the project window and then play a new audio track to this … and in so doing it was automatically synchronised … the audio I would play would be time synchronised to the video footage according to how I played the audio and when I hit " replace audio in video " it replaced it in the file with it synchronised . Audiospot Media ER as far as I could make it work does not have a way of synchronising the audio and video … it just takes the start of the audio track and the start of the video track combines them there and that is what you get . DaVinci Resolve seems to me the same as Final cut pro in that you have to line up the start of the audio with the sound of a clap board or the like in the original video track to synchronise audio and video . The simplicity of doing it all within Cubase made it easier ( for the type of projects I was handling at least ) . Have I understood the capacities of the 2 programs Media ER / Davinci Resolve ?? Or am I missing how they actually work ?? If the external programs require these methods to synchronise audio and video then it seems I am going to have to learn how to make them work unless Cubase can offer the simplicity of the method it previously had . Is it reckoned on that Cubase will reintroduce this function or is that unlikely or at least not for a long time ??

Thanks for your suggestions so far and I look forward to any further insights you might be able to give .

Yours sincerely ,

i use cubase 9.5 for music production, and after music and video is finished, I use Cubase 8.5 for “replace Audio in Video”.
I only have 8.5 installed for this “replace audio” task, which is not very statisfying but at least it works for me :slight_smile:

This is what I do. KEEP 8.5 installed!!! Hoping this replace audio task is a part of 10 coming in Dec!!!

Hello Bertisevil66 and Rob Elliot ,

Many thanks to both of you for your replies ! Sorry about taking a long time to get back to this thread but one of life’s " hectic " phases overtook me and I couldn’t get to it !

I still have 8.5 installed so your method of using it to do the replace audio in video seems good to me … and like with you Rob and no doubt Bertisevil66 as well and many others hoping it will come back with 10 later this year !

I have not done this before … transfer a file between different versions of Cubase . Is it a matter of transferring it to the desktop from C9.5 and then into the C8.5 from there or is there a more " direct " way of doing it ?? I will give it a go and any clues you could give me would be appreciated .

Thanks again for your input .


Hey Ross - just right click (this is for windows) and ‘open with…Cubase 8’ - that should do it. Remember of course to save it once you do your work in 8.5 then the next time just hit the project name and it will automatically (as before) open in 9.xxxx. Hoping that this is put back in 10 just a day away but me thinks since it is so ‘quiet’ from moderators and such that it may be a 10.5 thingy. :frowning:

Replace audio in video, was clearly said would never come back.
Well that was when the new video engine first was introduced.

There should be a rendering video with audio coming.