Replace Audio in Video.

Is it really no longer possible to Replace Audio In Video in N8?

or DaVnci Resolve.

Both free.

My reason for asking is because it was a feature of pre-N8 versions of Nuendo.

Has the feature been removed from N8 or is it broken in N8?

I can not test this myself as the trial version has expired after just a few days of use!


As far as I can say this feature is still present in the File menu at the entry “Replace Audio in Video File”.


This feature is gone in N8. They wrote in their knowledge base article they will replace it with a video export function in the future.


Now you see it, now you don’t!

… and, in the mean time, how do they suggest we carry out the process?

As I stated before:

or DaVnci Resolve.

Both free.