Replace audio to video elements 13

A few days ago I upgraded to cubase elements 13 from 11 just for that “replace audio from video” feature. so that my daughters can treat the audio, put background music, use the sidechain for ducking and those fun things to their videos without having to render them again, just replace the audio.
The thing is, it doesn’t work, when it comes time to click to replace the audio, it does nothing. Rendering a new video file does work, but that was already in 11 and that’s not what we want.
I’ve tried quite a few things, even formatting the PC as a last resort. It’s an old PC with Windows 10, AMD FX6300, 8 Gb of Ram and a Radeon 200 series graphics card. The steinberg forum is getting on my nerves because I don’t speak English, among other things. And the only thing I see there are problems with video formats, many, but it is not my case.
Thanks in advance, best regards.

The description of this feature is suspiciously specific in referring to .mp4 video files.
Do you use mp4 encoded video files?

Thank you for your response.
Yes, I used H.264, constant frame rate, tried 30, 25, 29.97, and of course in .mp4, encoded with various apps. I had no problems importing and working with them. In fact, I’ve had no problems whatsoever with Cubase elements 13, just that, but that’s why I upgraded.
Before formatting I did everything I could, but nothing helped. I’d like to try with another graphic in case it’s related, although I don’t have problems with any other software, nor with cubase for that matter, because everything else is perfect as far as I’ve got. All the PC drivers updated, CB preferences checked step by step from the manual, etc… I don’t know, I’m out of ideas.
Thanks for your time

For the time being I would not change anything to the computer. My feeling tells me this is software related and also a re-install of any kind will not help here.

Unfortunately I don’t own Cubase 13 so I cannot test it myself. Hopefully another C13 owner will chime in. For this case it would probably be helpful if you could create a small video, that won’t work in regards to audio replacement. It is basically enough to film the wall and say 1,2,3,4. You could upload this here for others to test.

OK, if I can, tomorrow I’ll record something with my mobile, I’ll try it on CB and if it doesn’t work I’ll upload them here. Although the videos I used were all my daughters’ class work, not recorded by me. And re-encoded with different apps, but CB supports them without any problem.

Thanks, Johnny_Moneto

As far as I know, the Replace Audio in Video Cubase feature is somewhat limited.
I’m a post-production sound designer, and I couldn’t wait for Steinberg to rewrite this feature when they dropped it. So, I wrote my own set of tools to handle this and some other video-related stuff.
You are welcome to give it a spin and see if it meets your needs. It is fairly priced and can replace the audio in almost any video. Plus, it adds a Steinberg’s Post Process link directly into the Cubase Export Audio Mixdown window.

I know it is not like having it as an integral part of your DAW, but it’s a working solution that can also do so much more.

If you’re interested, you can check it out here:

All the best,

@javicon Cubase Elements 13 might have issues with this. I cannot test this here.

But in Cubase Pro, ‘Replace Audio in Video’ works fine as long as the source video file is h264 in an MP4 container. Simply do the following:

1 - select the video event in the project window
2 - select Export Video in the File menu
3 - select the ‘Replace Audio in Video’ tab
4 - choose the file path in the ‘File Path’ field
5 - select ‘stereo out’ in Channel Selection field
6 - click on ‘Replace Audio’ button

(note: the first step is essential, otherwise replace audio in video is not available!)

Or see the manual here: Replacing Audio in Selected Video Files

Hello, stingray

I do all that you say, but nothing.

I know, but that’s not the problem, I have the button because I select the video as the manual says, and it works up to that point, but although it can be pressed like any other, it does nothing.


The function works flawlessly in Cubase 13 Pro.

I do not have Cubase Elements 13 so unfortunately cannot test this directly.

Did you try a different file path?

Please post a screenshot of the Export Video dialogue at the moment you are attempting to use Replace Audio in Video. This might provide a clue as to what is going wrong.

Please also post an example of a short video file which shows this problem so that others can test it.


Rendering new video file works without problem, but replacing video audio doesn’t, in the video in the link you can see it, although it looks terrible. Sorry for the bad quality and the movement…

I’ve tried with different location, different formats and a thousand other things, even formatting and reinstalling everything from scratch, but there’s no way, it’s as if the button was fake! :slight_smile:


@javicon Understood and there’s certainly a problem.

I noticed you are trying to replace audio in a video using the desktop. Probably not a good idea, even though I see no reason why it shouldn’t work…

My advice: try using a dedicated folder on the hard drive instead, although it looks like you’ve already tried this. Other than that I have no further suggestions, except, this would seem to be a bug and it might be worth contacting Steinberg support directly on this.