replace cc data when copy/pasting

Hey everyone

Does anyone know if there is a way to replace cc data when pasting it onto a lane where it already exists?

Currently when I want to do this I have to delete the existing cc data beore I paste the new data.

It would be nice not having to do the deleting step everytime.

Any thoughts would help,


You’d need to setup a few logical editor presets and then create a macro from those presets.

Yea I figure most anything is possible with the logical editor, just not very well versed in it at the moment

No problem :slight_smile:

Do you understand how the Logical editor works? Meaning, what does what when you select things?

To begin with, you will need to setup a logical editor (or more) to select the CCs you want to replace.

I understand some of the basics, have built a few simple commands, just need to figure out the best way to set up what I’d like it to do

Off the top of my head, a macro such as this should work, depending on what exactly you need to accomplish.

  • paste the CC data (now that region of CCs is selected)
  • Locators to Selection
  • Select in Loop
  • delete CCs with an LE preset that deletes only Selected CCs
  • hit paste again

You can also try this:

  • Create logical presets to delete the CCs you want to replace.
  • insert those presets into a macro
  • add “paste at origin” at the end of the macro

If you don’t want to have the CC data at the same location but want it elsewhere, you’ll want to make the logical editors select the CC data first, insert those presets into the macro, then in the macro insert the command which moves the playhead to the beginning of selection, then you want to insert “delete” into the macro, then insert “paste”.

There’s probably a million ways you can set this up, so feel free to play around and try other people’s suggestions.

Very clever, I’ll give these a try soon and report back with my solution. Any other ideas in the meantime are welcome

Thanks, everyone!