replace dedicated sample in GUI - how ?

When creating a GUI for HSSE how to add a replace sample button where you can replace a sample by using the browser. (or drag and drop)

If you want to protect the original sample from being overwritten, can this be done just by protecting the layer, or does this prevent the replacement of the sample ?

Anyone yet ?

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You could use the Path Browser template which is included in Basic Controls.

You can also create a Drop element which should return the path of a dropped object. If you prefer to use drag and drop. I haven’t tried this one yet.

Don’t know about protecting the original sample, but aren’t the samples and presets in vstsound container protected by default? Meaning you can’t delete or overwrite them.

You could use the Path Browser template which is included in Basic Controls.

ok, i did find that and tx for all of your input misohoza by the way, but the box remains dead because i can not connect the replace sample function in the zone to the path browser in any way it seems.

When i look at what they do in f.e. skylab, then they use this in a completely different way that also isn’t documented anywhere it seems.

So it looks more and more that i’m loosing my time. This is all so complex and completely undocumented.
It looks like the synth/sampler builder is purely intended for people who are doing this as a fulltime job who have a vast knowledge on this topic beforehand.
“Create a simple synth in no time” as advertising is fine if you want to attach a filter to a macro or something like that, but very very basic things like load a sample, make a library, make it compatible is just not so simple as it is being presented.

I do not say it isn’t working! It obviously is working like it should when you go through the presets. And yes, the amount of possibilities is vast, but this is big dissapointment for me in terms of expectations.
I had the intention to replace my hardware samplers but i’ve changed my mind.
These things from the past had one big difference: THEY WORK in a way a musician can UNDERSTAND.

sorry for the ranting, but after two weeks… sigh…
it would be nice if they prepare some of those basic functions and make some small templates for them: f.e.:

  • replace a sample in the tree from a macro page
  • make a Multi as a vstsound
  • make a different output for each layer
  • connect a midi-module to a macro

  • summed up: i would love to have something that allows me to make and share my own vstsounds and build a simple interface for it.
    I’m not interested in selling them since the market is overflowing with vst’s, but i want to be able to give those vstsounds to the people i work with so i can make and share my music with them.

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