replace edited file in nuendo

how do i replace the audio file within my daw ,nuendo (or cubase) after i edited with spectrayers pro , i see no way within the daw only in the stand alone ,

i want to replace and disable spectralayers before i save project (theres an issue loading project with specrtalayers 7 enabled once saved saved)

I think you have to bounce it (see Nuendo Audio menu).

what’s the issue you are having loading projects with SL7 enabled ? hopefully not another bug ?

I’m stuck on SL6 for ARA as backwards compatibility is broken with SL7 ARA

dr, have you tried the beta of the upcoming patch I sent you ?

I never received a patch ?

It was in one of my PM, but might have been lost in the discussion - I just sent it to you again.

got it - thanks

when i save a project with Spectralayers 7 enbaled , nuendo crashes on loadup

the bounce did the trick , after bounce removed spectralayers 7 from project and saved , loads up without crashing so it is a bug

I’m seeing that with projects that have SL6 enabled with SL7 installed - yes a bug