Replace Halion Sonic SE v3.5 with Halion Sonic 7?


Can we replace the existing version of Halion Sonic SE v3.5 (that comes with Cubase) with the newly released Halion Sonic 7 as an ‘update’ such that it will still play all existing Halion Sonic SE content that came with Cubase?

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That’s how it works.


Hi Steve,

Based on your reply I installed Halion Sonic 7 and the transition from ver 3.5 to ver 7 seems to have gone quite smoothly!



I downloaded Halion Sonic 7 but as a result cannot load any of my Halion Sonic SE patches for existing projects. See pic. SE is still located in the Steinberg folder, but it isn’t accessible from the Add Instrument Track dialogue. How do I find this Macro it describes? Or have I installed it wrong?

Unless you have a licence for Absolute 6 or HALion 7, you will need to acquire and activate a free HALion Sonic 7 licence. Click the link in the previous sentence, log into your My Steinberg account, then open Steinberg Activation Manager, refresh, and activate the HALion Sonic 7 licence.

In addition, run Steinberg Download Assistant and install all offered updates.

Yes, I also have the same problem (ie, cannot run the previous Halion Sonic SE after downloading and installing the new Halion Sonic 7). But, I DO own Halion Sonic 3, and now that also cannot be run. Is there a solution to this?

Steinberg hosts will ignore HALion Sonic SE 3 and HALion Sonic 3 in favour of HALion Sonic 7 if it is installed. HALion Sonic SE 3 should stay installed unless you explicitly uninstall it, but Steinberg hosts will ignore it. I believe HALion Sonic 7 replaces HALion Sonic 3 (edited for clarity - thanks to @NigelLeeming for pointing out my error below).

Your HALion Sonic 3 licence should allow you to use all the HALion Sonic 3 content in HALion Sonic 7. You will not be able to use Tales and FM Lab unless you upgrade your licence to HALion Sonic Collection 7.

Hi David, thanks for that clarification!

sonic 3 replaces 7? or 7 replaces 3? I’m confused.

Halion Sonic 7 replaces Halion Sonic 3 is the correct direction.

HALion Sonic 7 replaces HALion Sonic 3. I’ve edited the original post to correct my error, noting your comment.

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As I found this all quite confusing, here’s a summary.
The free Halion Sonic SE 3 is replaced by the free Halion Sonic 7
The paid for Halion Sonic 3 is replaced by free Halion Sonic 7 and the paid for Halion Sonic 7 Collection (£88 upgrade for me in the UK). Also called Content Halion Sonic 7 Collection in the Steinberg Downloader.

The paid for Halion 6 is replaced by paid for Halion 7

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As for the upgrade process, I went to Steinberg Download Manager, top left button, Enter your download access code. I entered the code from the purchase email which took me to another window where there was a button to upgrade my license. The window contained an activation code, but I couldn’t copy it so had to type it out in notepad. The OK button froze the application. I gave up after 4 attempts and opened eLicenser Control Center. Enter activation code, paste in the code from notepad and it worked.

“Content HALion Sonic 7 Collection” is only part of the content, confusingly. That’s all the content that was supplied with HALion Sonic 3. You must install FM Lab and Tales separately to get the new content. All are in the “HALion Sonic 7 Collection” category of Steinberg Download Assistant.

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Thanks David, I’d missed them. Maybe. Steinberg’s downloader appears to not recognise if I’ve already downloaded something. I’m now reinstalling the collection which I’m pretty sure I already did from another location in the downloader.

Thank you David. All done successfully.