Replace instrument for a player

I have imported a file into Dorico and it displays and plays back fine. The problem is that some of the players have been assigned incorrect instruments. Can I replace an existing instrument with another instrument? I know I can add an instrument but I can’t see how to remove one. Thanks

Yes, you can indeed. In Setup mode, expand the player’s card so you can see the smaller instrument label beneath. Hover over it and you’ll see a little chevron > appear: click this to show the context menu, from which you will find the Change Instrument option.

Thanks, Daniel.

I just have tried that with a quite large project (orchestral, but only 130 bars), where I had two players for clarinet in Bb and two players playing clarinet in A. When adding the A clarinet to the Bb clarinet players, Dorico has to be restarted ; it is the first time since 18th october I have to restart. And I have tried that several times with always the same result. Do you need me to send you the file ? Or is it known that something could cause Dorico to block using those fields ?

Yes, please send me the file together with the details of exactly what you did, and I’ll look into it.

Thank you Daniel. I just sent you the file with the procedure to create the problem.