Replace MIDI cc Data without Overwriting MIDI Notes

Is it possible to re-record MIDI cc Data on a MIDI track but still keep all the MIDI notes and not overwrite them? If I am in “MIDI Merge” mode and I want to replace for example my MIDI cc7, If i go to my MIDI controller and re-preform the MIDI cc7, it merges with the automation that is currently there which is what I do not want. Also If i switch to “MIDI Replace” mode and I re-preform my MIDI cc7 data, it will overwrite the MIDI notes that I want to keep, which is also not what I want. Is there a way to achieve this goal? Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Sorry, I’m afraid this is not possible. You would need to delete the original MIDI CC7 first and then record it again while Merge.

It is possible, when You record inside of the Key-Editor:

  • set global MIDI-Record Mode to Replace
  • in the MIDI-Preferences under Record/MIDI set the Replace Recording in Editors Option to “Controller”.

Thank you all for your help.