Replace MIDI data while recording new ones

I wanted to replace the old data but the current setup only lets me insert a note without replacing the older one if it’s in the same position.

This may be fine with notes but it’s annoying with controller lanes:

So my question is: is there an automatic way to replace older midi data while recording?

On you description it sounds like you do manual insert of notes, but maybe I read you wrong.

Either way, there are a whole bunch of recording modes for midi - to do takes that you comp later, or overwrite/merge etc, mute last take or not etc.
By default on lower left toolbar you can choose in an easy way.

I believe there is something on floating toolbar as well.

I’m talking about recording midi data.

Like in the picture you can see the recorded automation on cc7 doesn’t replace the old points but they are added instead. The overwite/merge function only works with events, not with controller lanes.

I experimented a bit and saw what you did.

And why this is - is because every event on a controller is treated like that exact timestamp need to exist to replace it.
So it’s not treated like automation in a smart way seeing this is controller that replace in this area.

So overwriting automation is very different from midi CC.

I think looking into controller automation modes might be way to solve it.

You can decide if CC7 is treated and recorded as automation ot both and also how to let one superseed the other.

What I did was to duplicate clips as track versions - and did different approach to each.
I found the most versatile way to create new part - and then show lanes.
Then merge afterword if you want - bounce of selected clips.
Then you always see what is there and what should happend.

Out of interest I will experiment a bit and change controller automation mode to make automation instead.
Then you can replace exactly like automation works. CC7 is very useful for this - since you hardly let CC7 jump up/down like modulation wheel does.

One looks interesting - automation merge mode Modulation - that part can modulate what is there on automation and other way around.
Or Replace 1- part range and the other Replace 2 lst value continues also looks useful.

I came to look at Logical Editor - there is a preset Delete All controllers in cycle range.
If modifying this to CC7 only you can then merge a clip if cycle is same as a separate part to merge with.
Only got this far - but a macro can probably be made doing sequence of stuff.

Deleting the old midi data with mouse selection or the logical editor/macro is the way I do it now infact. I wanted to know if there is a function dedicated to this in cubase, to replace old cc automation points automatically (like normal automations in the project window), because deleting them by hand or using a macro is a step more and a waste of time in the long run.

Not sure if this is what you need, but I have found that recording MIDI CC Data in “Replace” Mode WITH the key editor window open for the track will replace this data only when new is input, leaving all in-between. Sort of like Touch Automation Mode.
It does not create any new parts.

It only works for CC Data.
If you play any notes your previous performance will be overwritten.

It only works recording into the Key Editor, as stated.


It gives me the same result as the pictures in the first post.

My thinking was to automate it - like first having Project Logical Editor create locators on width of selected clip(new one you recorded) - then use the Logical Editor and modify the preset for cycle delete, to have CC7 only deleted. Thinking you made a new part of the new recording you did - and showing lanes.

That might be one way to go. Then just merge the two clips with Bounce midi.

The other that should work - set CC7 as Automation only for recording. You get a normal automation thingy that can use touch overwrite in a section.
The setting for this is on midi menu and Midi controller automation or similar. Set CC7 for track automation.

Personally I automate audio volume for single synth, but that is cumbersome if you send midi to many synths - then CC7 would be more useful doing it in one place.

But am intrigued to learn Logical Editors better - so will look further…


It definately does NOT give those results on my rig.

I understand your reasoning, but CC7 is just an example, I need to use MIDI CCs a lot.
At the moment for re-recording MIDI CC, I delete the whole lane I want to replace (like “delete cc7”) via a Logical Editor shortcut. Or, if I wanted to change just a section, I delete that section via mouse selection.

Is it maybe because I am not using the last version of Cubase? I’m on 7.5 at the moment, I’m writing on the 9 Pro section because it’s more frequented.

Oh, that could definitely be the problem.

I do a lot of CC overwrites (doing orchestral arrangements) and I’ve had to modify my methods over the years.
But then I forget the older ways.

I might post some pics later - but I assure you it works.


HERE I made a video

As you can see in my case the Replace option only works with events and replaces every midi data, not just the controller.

I installed the trial of cubase 9 Pro to try it out in “Replace” mode. Result: nothing changed.


It only works in the key editor window though, not in the small key editor on the lower zone.

I didn’t even know that option existed.
It just worked for me.
Haven’t tried the Lower Zone, so you’re correct, I’m sure.
Odd that it would not be the same there.
Nice if it was.


How do you fix this problem? What do i wrong?

best regards and thx for helping me`!

Same problem here on cubase 10.5. Does anybody have solution ? =)

Hey James, I sorted this out. Go to preferences - record-midi and select controller from drop down labeled replace record in editors. Then with the editor open in bottom window or separate window, enable record in editor button. As long as you are in the editor, only controller data is rewritten. This is awesome and it’s not well documented. Hope this helps!

This is huge! Thanks a lot!

Totally! Cubase needs to make a video, cuz I had to dig to find this nugget.