Replace Notes When Moving/Copying Across Staves: Score Editor


I now how to move and copy midi notes from one staff to another using selection tool and mouse. However, is it possible to replace the target notes. Currently, if there are midi there, I have to delete them first and do copy or move. From manual:

Moving across staves – the Lock button
If you are editing several tracks, you may want to move notes from one staff to another.
Make the desired Quantize settings and select the notes. Make sure to only select notes on the same staff.
Make sure that the “L” (Lock) button on the extended toolbar is deactivated .
If this button is activated, you cannot move notes and other objects from one staff to another, which is handy if you need to transpose a note very high or low, for example.
Click on one of the notes and drag them to the new system.
The active staff rectangle indicates on which staff the dragged notes appears.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Unfortunately, the cited part from the manual shows only how to copy or move notes from a staff to another…

You could though replace whole measures (not notes), like this:



The down side: measures/bars have to be on the same page, because you can’t have more than one page displayed at a time. Actually, this is one of the reasons why I requested multiple editor instances one time (if I remember correctly).

I know how to copy notes, complete measures from a staff to another
But when working in a multiple pages score, I can’t succeed in copying them from one page to another
Even if, as you mentioned only one page can be displayed at a time, I hope there is a mean to copy notes between pages
What trick would work ?

Yes, there is. Just make sure you move the cursor to the new location first (before pasting).

Ok, this works for notes, but if you want to copy a full measure with the handle with other things than notes, it doesn’t cross thru pages

Did you try in Edit mode?