Replace Selected Range

In a montage, I select a region of audio to be processed with a plugin. Then render the selection as a new renamed audio file. When I try to dragged the new created audio file from the File Browser in to the montage to replace the selected range by the new audio file “Replace Selected Range” option is greyed out. The range in the Montage is still selected. I don’t understand why I cannot do this simple edit? Am, I missing something. Thanks. -F.

No so sure about your request, but did you try this?

Ok Let me be more specific. I have a song in a montage. Let’s say there are a few tics here and there to be removed. I open a declicker in the master section, Select the section in the montage with a click and render that area. Then the new declicked audio needs to in serted in place of the selected range in the montage. I can only do “Overwrite from cursor” Not “Replace selected range” which is Greyed out. I have been using Wavelab 5 (I know it’s old) (with audio cube and standalone) for 15years and this was very simple. I thought that newest version of Wavelab will make this even simpler?

Then you should use the function I pointed to you.

Sorry Philippe it is still not working for me. I probably need to experiment a bit more. I will get back if I can’t figure it out. By the way we spoke a while back (maybe around 2003?) when I was at Absolute Audio. We were using the Audio Cube via Sascom (Curt Smith). I have been using Wavelab 5 since it came out and I was so busy, I never had time to switch! I have done over 3000 records with it and I really love it. It is time to move away from Windows XP… but I just don’t feel as comfortable with Wavelab10. It’s a big jump and I probably need to be more familiar with it before I put it on line. Thanks again for your time and expertise. -Fred.


Check the function Active Clip and use Edit Source

I think that will work

regards S-EH

What PG and S-EH said. Or also, if you’re dragging the fixed segment file from the Filebrowser to the Montage, drag the fixed file to the left edge of the Selection in the montage, then select Split/Insert.

It should do the same thing as Replace Selected Range in your case if you do it that way, hovering over the left edge of the Selection, then releasing to select Split/Insert.

Check the function Active Clip and use Edit Source

No, that’s not how I understand MASTER1 request.

Since WaveLab 10, and only from this version, it is possible to select a time range with a clip, and open either:

  • the WaveLab audio editor
  • an external editor.

After editing this audio segment, in any way, and when you save it (in WaveLab, just the Save command).
Then the clip range is replaced automatically.

I actually think this is one of the best features of WaveLab 10 :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your help, and I will check when I have a moment. -F.

Bob99, Split/ Insert will move the selected area and everything after to its right. Just like it says. I need to replace the selected area. I could do it with “overwrite from cursor” but it take more time than “replace selected range”. In my case
“replace selected range” is not available. Why?

PG. I tried what you mentioned. it works but I am not getting exactly what I need. I am not able to name the new file the way I want.
Somehow It automatically name the file for me with a weird number. I need to be very precise when I process sections. By reading the file name I usually know what I did to it. For example after capturing a file from my analog gear if I still have a few heavy “S”, a couple of boomy floor toms etc… I go in and rendered those spots and name them individually. EX: Name of the song (Deess 7k Th=28)-1, Name of the song (Deess 7k Th=28)-2 … Name of the song (hi-pass 45hz @36db/oct)… I add these comments to the original name of the file. If the plugin is too complex to write in the title, then I save the preset in the session and name the file with the plugin name and the preset number.
A week later if the client ask me to use the vocal up mix, then I run the new mix through my analog gear that I recalled and then I only have to look at the edits I did on the original mix and duplicate them by reading the file names. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel and the processing will be exactly the same. This is why I like to keep my edits visible as long as possible so I can see what happened. In some very complex projects, I do render the file but I refer it to a specific montage that I can go back and see all the edits.

I don’t mind having to have extra steps for some operations I do once in a while. But if you have to do 20 or 30 times the same type of things in a song, then the extra steps really add up.

My ideal will be to be able to highlight / select a section on a clip in the montage, call up a plugin, name my new file and render it in place super quickly with two short automatic crossfades set previously in some preference.

In windows 10 when rendering, the windows that comes up to name the file is so small it is almost unusable. I have to “Select File Using Standard Selector” to access to the Windows file management. Another extra step that I am not used to with Wavelab 5. Any way to avoid this?

Sorry for this long text. I am not used to forums. Hope it’s OK? I tried to deal with Steinberg customer services with email etc… but it was useless. Here I feel that I am getting some attention and I really appreciate it.

I know how powerful W10 is and how much more it can do than what I am used to but I feel that everything takes some extra steps. It is probably because I don’t this version very well. Let me know if I was able to explain clearly enough what I am trying to do with minimum steps.

Thank you again for your help. -F.

I think you can rename theses created files in the “Files” tab
I did this today after some processing with RX on my source files using the external editor function.
It created a file as you describe with a long random name.
I simply renamed it in Files tab

Peter_B suggestion is right, to rename a file.

In windows 10 when rendering, the windows that comes up to name the file is so small it is almost unusable.

I don’t see what window could be that small. Can you show a screenshot?

How do I upload a picture/screen shot to this post? Thank you. -F.

click on this


OK I added the two snapshots one from W5 and the other from W10 when selecting render.
W5 sends me directly to the Windows file management where I can see all my files in that session. I can see the full names, and order them by name dates etc… This is how I select the name of a new file and I can just add or change a number. For example if I am doing a bunch of similar local eq’s I can click on an already existing name “RUN FOR THE ROSES (HI-PASS 45HZ@36DB) 4” and change the “4” in “5” to make it: “RUN FOR THE ROSES (HI-PASS 45HZ@36DB) 5”.
Once render in W5, I just drag the file onto my selected area and “Replace selected range”. I don’t have to quit the montage to go to another “Waveform editor” etc… It was very simple and but I wish W10 could do this even faster.
But in W10 the screen shot show a small window that doesn’t let you see the full names of the files and doesn’t let you sort the files either. I have to go to “Select file using standard selector” to be able to do that. Am I missing something?

Just to be clear, I feel that I am having two distinct issues with W10 in this one editing situation. One is the naming / file management issue, and the other is to actually get the edit done. In both cases W5 was faster than W10. (less steps). I know it can be done one way or the other but my concern is how easy and fast can I do it. Let me know. Thank you again. -F.

If you want the same file selector box, do as follow:

Yes, that’s what I am saying. It’s already 2 more clicks just to name the future file. I know it’s not that bad for most people but when you do hundreds edits in a day it really make a difference. I am a bit disappointed that with all the power and options that W10 has a simple edit can be more complicated than the 15 year old W5. I was hopping that I didn’t know the new software well enough but I think I will have to get use to a slower workflow.
Now, why is the “Replace selected range” grey out when I try to replace the new file in the montage while the selection is still highlighted? I can only do replace from cursor. Which again needs an extra step to put the cursor at the beginning of the selected range. Something doesn’t make sense here. Can you please clarify. Thank you very much. -F.

Yes, that’s what I am saying. It’s already 2 more clicks just to name the future file.

Not really. With WaveLab 5, you had to open the render dialog, then set the name.
Here you just have to click the render dialog, and the name can by types directly.
I actually think it’s faster in WaveLab 10 than in WaveLab 5.

Now, why is the “Replace selected range” grey out when I try to replace the new file in the montage while the selection is still highlighted?

Maybe the help tip answers your question. I don’t think this has changed since WaveLab 5.

You don’t need to place the flashing playback cursor at the beginning of the selection. Just drag the file to the left edge of the selection and it’ll give you the yellow left selection edge arrow. Then release and select overwrite from cursor. It takes the cursor from the yellow arrow / dotted line. It’s pretty quick actually.

Replace selected range would be nice, but overwrite from cursor can be very quick too because you don’t need to position the flashing playback cursor.

Also sorry about saying split and insert before. you’re right that was a mistake