Replace Slices


Cubase 12
Is there a way to slice a beat and then replace a slice with a different piece of audio. Like to be able to replace a snare slice with a different snare sample. I was able to do this easily in Zero X Beat Quantizer. I tried to do it with a Sampler track but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Cubase has so many tools, I thought there might be a way to do this.

If it was possible to copy and paste slices, in a Sampler Track, it might be possible but copying is not possible in a Sampler track.

If you use events instead of slices when splitting the beat, then yes.
While dragging the new sample onto the event hold down Shift.

Worked perfectly. Thank you so much.

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I thought I got the solution but now I am having problems.
Both with slicing the loop into events and with replacing events.

Here is what happens,
Problem 1. Events are not created when I click Create > Events
I drag the loop to a track, double click it to open it in the Editor. Go to HitPoints Click Edit HitPoints. Verify the HotPoints are correct.
I click Create > Events. Sometimes the loop in the Arrange window gets sliced into events. Sometimes nothing happens… No slices

Problem 2 If events are created, SHIFT drag the sample sounds all wrong
I attempt to SHIFT drag and drop a sample on an event, sometimes it sounds fine, other times the dragged loop is inaudible or it sounds like it is playing much faster than the original sample or it just sound different than the original sample.

I came up with a few simple workarounds but I am still curious why these features are not working properly.

My workarounds
Use the slice tool to slice the loop and remove the slice.
Drag the replacement sample an adjacent track.