Replacement Knobs for MR816x?

Anyone know where I can buy a replacement output knob for the MR816x?

Thanks Brian

Could you let me know where you are located at? Also which knobs exactly do you need?
I couldn’t find a registration in MySteinberg so if you have one, please let me know the email address in a private message as well.

Hey Ed,

I just recently received the unit have since registered it. But yeah I am missing one of the bigger master/phones/revx knobs. I am located in Norway. Is it possible to get a new sent here?

Could you either add your address to your MySteinberg account and let me know or send it via PM? I’ll see what I can do then.

I’m not yet allowed to send PM’s but I added my address to my profile. Thanks Ed.

We’ll try to get that knob to you despite the customs issues for Norway. It might take a bit so please be patient.

I posted the same issue a year ago, with no response. Is very much like to get the same great support this other user did. Just missing one mr816csx knob. please advise! Thanks.

Where are you from? It depends on where you live, how we can help. Usually, it makes more sense to contact the support team in your region directly instead of using the forum for this.

Where can i buy a replacement knob for the mr816x

Please send a support request to our US support team: