Replacement NEK discs for Nuendo 4

Can anyone help?

I purchased Nuendo 4 plus NEK via ebay but it didn’t come with any discs. Didn’t think it would be a problem as when I lost my PT discs it was an easy and quick job to obtain replacements.

Wayne at Nuendo support has been great and organised Steinberg to send me a replacement for the main Nuendo 4 disc at no charge! AWESOME!!! (Can’t thank you enough for that Wayne… :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Steinberg are unable to help with the NEK disc(s) and suggested I buy Nuendo 5!! I’m not ready to upgrade just yet but was a little surprised by this. If anyone has a N4 NEK disc(s) which they can copy, assuming this ok to do, and send or upload disc(s) image to my dropbox, I’d be extremely grateful.


Had an update from Wayne and some discs are on the way, was a misunderstanding of orig email. Again, what a fantastic service!!