Replacing a sample in sample track


I just tried the new sample track in Cubase 9 and it does it’s job, but I can’t find a simple way to replace a sample loaded into the sample track. If I try to drag a new sample into the sample editor from Media Bay or an external folder in Finder the old sample can’t be replaced. The only way I can find is to click on the folder-icon next to the file name of the sample in the sample editor, but if I already have an open folder through Media Bay or Finder, it’s kind of annoying to have to navigate all the way (yes, it’s a long way sometimes) back to this folder through the sample track/editor… Have I missed something? Does anyone have a simple way of just removing/replacing the loaded sample?

Thanks in advance!

Not at my DAW to double-check. But I’m 99.999% sure when I was playing with the Sample Track a few days ago, dragging a file from the Media Bay replaced the current sample (and reset the envelopes, grrrrr).