Replacing audio after AAF or OMF import. Howare we doing?

question asked many times before and I am checking what is the situation now about replacing audio after importing an AAF or OMF?
I manage to educate the picture editors to hand me AAF, OMF and EDL, I have another project I am starting and I would like to use Nuendo this time, as I have the EDL option I could use for the next cuts, but I am still stuck on the first handed cut.
Is there a way (or a workaround) to replace audio with the original sound rushes once the AAF has been imported?
I really would love not to go with ProTools again.

Here’s what I do:

I import the location sound and drop it in “at origin”.
Then I import the video (or audio) EDL provided by the video editors in “reconform”, and everything drops into place.

Admitted, it’s a hassle for big projects.
You end up with many tracks, and there is often metadata missing.
Especially when you split your Multi Bwav files after import. You can also split them before importing, by using GrooveAgent or so.

Steinberg is working on the Location Sound conforming, but we won’t see it very quickly.


Hi Fredo,
thanks for your answer.
I am using the method you describe with a below the line success. I split the BWav files with WaveAgent, so I am sure to keep all the metadata. After the ReConform few parts of the scenes are omitted and missing, and I have to place them in place myself. Not good enough for fast pace projects; interesting for slow projects where we can keep the learning curve steep.
Omitting this funtion for the last few years, made a lot of colleagues migrate to the other side, and unfortunately at some point I’ll have to bite the dust and follow them. :-/

”Steinberg is working on the Location Sound conforming, but we won’t see it very quickly.”

Very sorry to hear this…

If they could at least stop killing the metadata upon split and display it.