replacing audio file in a montage - not working?

Hi All

Wavelab 8.5.3 build 871 64bit
Mac Pro 12 Core

I’m quite new Wavelab but just need a little help understanding how to replace clips properly when working in a montage.

If I replace a clip with a different file, but which has the same file name, Wavelab does not replace the file. It somehow caches the old file. If I replace a clip with a file of a different name it works. I have seen other posts about the clip names not update etc - but I am finding the actual audio is not changed.

I am fully aware of the importance of version management for filenames and if I just increment the file name each time with say a 1, 2, 3… its all fine. But for something tiny it is annoying that I cant just do a fresh replace.

Here’s an example. I added several clips to a montage. Then I realised that when I had bounced one of them (in Pro Tools) I had chopped off the first couple of seconds in my haste as I highlighted the region for bounce. So I nipped back into Pro Tools and re-bounced. I simply “replaced” the existing .WAV as I didn’t need the old one and never would. So at this point the old Wav of no longer exists on my disk - only new one which has now replaced it. I then go back to WL and right click on the old clip and choose replace. I select the same file as before (but I know that it is now a different file). It appears to replace the clip but doesn’t - its just cached the old clip.

I’m sure this is either some kind of config thing where I have to say “use source clips” or “always update” or something.

Could someone put me straight - thanks