Replacing Audio File with same name

Hi everyone!

Whenever I’m working with multiple exports of the same audio file, I like to name my new export exactly the same and replace the file by drag and droping it on my session.
I’ve been struggling with Nuendo since when I import a new version of an audio file with the same name, Nuendo still refers to the old version of the audio file.

Thus, the only way I’ve found of efficiently replacing my audio files is to:

  • Rename it with a different name (e.g Audio_File_02) but this doesn’t really fit my workflow
  • Going to the pool window and manually deleting from the pool the old version of the audio file, and this is quite time consuming…
  • Some of my colleagues have a popup window asking them if they want to replace the audio file but this pop up window doesn’t seem to show on my nuendo, any thoughts about this ?

I’ve been used to working with Reaper and when you replace the .wav with the same name in your audio file folder it immediatly updates the audio file content in Reaper.

Has anybody encountered the same problem and do you have any solution for this ?
Thanks a lot :wink:


Sorry, I don’t know your use case. Wouldn’t it be better to use Bounce Selection or Render In Place function for your use case?

In my experience, Cubase/Nuendo have an issue with handling files of the same name. If I import a number of tracks from CDs, say track 1 of the CD, which Mac defaults to calling something like Audio-01, if I import 2 or more track 1s from different CDs, Nuendo will sometimes play the ‘wrong’ one while displaying the ‘right’ one.

I avoid it by always renaming the audio files before importing them.