Replacing Audio in Video

Have been struggling to replace cubase recorded audio in a live music video file with no luck.

I have followed the instructions from page 510 to 516 in the Cubase manual and have had no problem importing the video (MPG4 from a sony video camera), extracting the original audio, mixing in Cubase recorded audio and playing back the video and new audio together in Cubase.

I have then exported the audio to the same folder the original video file is in sucessfully (in .wav and MP3 formats) but when i come to follow the replacing the audio in a video file procedure on page 516, the process appears to take place (copying video, replacing audio etc) but when I play back the video (in windows media player) there is no sound in the video (whether I try in replace audio with MP3, WMA or wav files).

A few months ago I did this process sucessfully but that time was replacing audio in a video from an iPad (quicktime format??) so am not sure if this is a problem with Cubase or the video file type I’m trying to replace the audio in?? Since I can import the MPEG4 file and split the audio out of it sucessfully, using a MPEG4 video format doesn’t seem to be a problem.

I am using Cubase 6.0.5 Build 357 (64bit) October 2011

Anyone out there with some advice on how to fix this?? Help much appreciated.


Just in case anyone else has the same problem, my solution was to abandon Cubase all together and replace the audio in iMovie.

Works well with no hassles whatsoever.

Anyone who would like to do the same I can provide more details though, there are resources on the web that explain the process.


old thread, and hope you don’t mind I post here. I have encounted the same problem as you which I try to replace some videos’s audio with another one. but with no luck, I used the fcp but just start that as I am totalyly new here. So I search some app which can convert my movies to prores while replace the audio before loading into fcp, the app is pav, which I found in apple store. :smiley: