Replacing audiofiles

I think it’s a great feature to replace audiosamples in cubase. Though i have a issue, let’s say i have a channel with a kickdrum. I duplicate this channel and replace the new channel with another kick. What happens then is that the original channel also get it’s kick replaced by the new kickdrum. Is there a way to keep the original kick track by making the sample unique or something. Kind regards Conny


This has been discussed already. The best way is to name the audio file the very same way as the original and place the new file to the very same original folder. So in fact you replace the source audio file.

So, this is what happens:
Audio events always refer to exactly one clip (clips can be seen in the Pool). In my example Event A refers to Clip 1.
If you copy an event the copy A(copy) will refer to the same clip Clip 1.
If you now replace the the audio sample you actually change Clip 1. Therefore all audio events that refer to Clip 1 will show a different content.
I assume Bounce Selection before replacing the audio file would be the easiest work-around.

Hi Martin, very good explenation written and with pictures. So my workaround for this would be exporting importing under a new name. I’ll try this, im so happy i switched from fruity loops to cubase. Cubase is really awesome :clap: