Replacing damaged e-licenser

Hi, all.

My e-licenser is no longer working. I bought a brand new one, and it is already registered at MySteinberg.

Now, I would like to transfer licenses from DAMAGED e-licenser to the new one. Since I’m unable to read licenses through Control Center (but the licenses are backed up at MySteinberg), how can I transfer that licenses to my new dongle?


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Have you seen this page?

Yes, sure. But this procedure is intend to download a backup licence in order to use the product for 25 hours without original license. That is not my case: I would like to transfer a license from a damaged dongle to a new one. I found a doc that says I can move license among dongles with Control Center, but, since I’m unable to read damaged dongle, I can’t do this.

I see what you mean. I was curious about this, so I actually reported the dongle that came with Cubase SX 1 in 2001 broken in order to see for myself what the process is like.

You have to go through that step in order to request replacement license activation codes, in a separate step.

Here’s a excerpt from the email I received after using the zero downtime function that explains:

Thank you for using Steinberg Zero Downtime to request one or more new licenses for your defective USB-eLicenser!

The next steps depend on the type of damage.

• If the USB-eLicenser shows no visible damage to the connector or the housing, please take a photo of the intact USB-eLicenser first. Afterwards, damage the dongle in a way that it becomes obviously unusable. Finally, take a photo of the damaged USB-eLicenser.
• If the USB-eLicenser is physically damaged, one photo is certainly sufficient.

Please send the photo(s) attached to this email address.

After a review, we’ll send you an activation code in return for each license stored on the defective USB-eLicenser. Please use the code(s) to download your replacement license(s) via the eLicenser Control Center onto a new USB-eLicenser.

Until we provide the new activation code(s) please use this temporary activation code that we have also placed into your MySteinberg account.

That’s weird … :astonished:

I can’t broke anything without a formal email from Steinberg … such instructions should be in a public documentation, don’t you think?

Yes, the steps about how to get the replacement codes should be. Well, now they are… here. :wink:

In any case, the step took 30 seconds. So that’s what has to be done.

Just curious…
are those same steps valid in the case of non-Steinberg licenses on an eLicenser key? (In other words, do Steinberg have a record of everything that you have stored on your USB keys, or just the Steinberg products?)

AFAIK, Syncrosoft, the creator of eLicenser, is fully owned by Steinberg. So one way or the other you probably should go through the same process. But it is indeed an interesting question, having also have Arturia, Eliosound, Korg or other licenses on it…

Just the Steinberg licenses. I was also wondering if each vendor has their own, different policy regarding license replacement.

Ouch! :smiley:
Could be really problematic if there are Steinberg and non-Steinberg licenses on the same key (imagine, if each vendor requires you to send them the damaged key!)
(I might have to reorganise my licenses to one vendor per key :frowning: )

@OP: If the dongle is no longer usable, please proceed with the Steinberg Zero Downtime. You will be also provided with a direct e-mail address when you apply for it in MySteinberg.

@Steve: Indeed, only Steinberg licenses. Every vendor have a different policy - especially concerning lost licenses.

@vic_france: Of course you won’t be asked to send the same dongle to different companies - we usually recommend to send a broken dongle also containing 3rd Party licenses to the 3rd Party. We do communicate with them and have a support service for vendors as well.

Thanks for the extra info, Fabio :slight_smile:

Fabio, thanks for your answers.

Is it safe to request a ZDT? I read that it is a procedure you can use once a time …


SZDT is available only once for USB-eLicenser. As stated on the SZDT page:

  • The Steinberg Zero Downtime is currently only available once. Please contact our support team when multiple USB-eLicensers are affected or the replaced USB-eLicenser can no longer be used.

  • We reserve the right to refuse the provision of the SZDT when placing second claims.

It is safe, you are dealing directly with the Support team in Hamburg when you apply for it.

For further questions on your specific case, please contact us via the form in MySteinberg or e-mail, thank you.