Replacing Grouped Dynamics

I have some gaps in my understanding of grouped dynamics.

I had this string section initially, and I wanted to change the mps to ps. (Ignore the bass staff. It is not applicable.)

I selected the mps and clicked on p in the palette. This happened–the mps stayed and I got ps underneath them:

The only solution I could find was to delete all the mps and then enter the ps. That worked, but I had to take the extra step of regrouping the dynamics so the hairpins and ps would align.

In general, I don’t understand when I can or cannot change a dynamic that is grouped.

Follow up: Later in the piece some dynamics were group–no hairpins–and I was unable to change one without changing them all. The behavior seemed different.

It’s well known that dynamics don’t always replace neatly, and that’s hopefully something for the development team to look at again when they have the capacity to do so.

In the meantime there are commands called Increase Dynamic Intensity and Decrease Dynamic Intensity that adjust the existing markings rather than attempting to replace them. You should set key commands for them if they’re likely to be useful to you.


Excellent. Thank yiu.