replacing hard drive messed up most plugins registration


i recently run out of space on my windows music related partition and decided to move it to another drive, i purchased a 3TB HD and also moved most of my files on it.

Here how my setup was organised :

C: Windows (multiboot) on SSD
D: Windows Studio (multiboot) on the same SSD
E: Software on the second HD
F: Storage on the second HD

All in primary partition, i’ve done a backup using true image before switching the drives

So the plan was to move the D:windows studio partition to the 3TB HD and release it’s space on the SSD to expand the C:Windows partition that has grown far too much for the small 32gb i allowed to it in the first place.

1I did that and everything went alright until i started Cubase. Cubase was scanning the various plugins when he told me that some directory was missing or asking me to register some others so i guessed something was wrong somewhere but couldn’t find where.

I’ve put my setup back to its original state but still, it’s not working anymore, trying to restore to the same drives is still not working, i’ve also copied the disk signature i had on my old HD to the new one with no success. I’m kinda helpless now.

Drives are as it was before except the E:Software (where cubase is installed with its vstplugins folder) and the F:Storage (where all my plugins installation folders are) are now located on a 3TB drive in GPT instead of MBR to use the whole 3TB available.

I still have all backups but can’t really put the things back to normal, in a desperate attempt to save my setup, i’m posting here before installing everything back from scratch.


Thanks for your reply,

drive letters hasn’t change,

I was wondering if some plugins authorisation are hardware related and that the switch of HD would be considered as using a different hardware.

I’ve checked to restore the system, the option is off apart from a missing disk which is the studio partition. i’ll investigate in that direction to see why i have a missing disk listed in system restore. May be it’s where the problem is.

Authorizations usually build up an id made up of mother board,hdd and other components in your system.

Acronis is great I have a full cloned system drive safely stashed away should I have a problem that I can recover from its a 5 min job to be back up and running.just swap drives wipe problem one re-clone drive and stash away again.
I have never needed it yet(touch wood)