Replacing Missing Audio in project from VSTSound

Hi Everyone,

I feel stupid not knowing how to do this, given I’ve been using Cubase since v4, but admitedly have mostly used VST Instruments in that time but not Audio.

I took my projects from Windows to Mac (where I’m now based DAW-wise) and overall it’s been a big success.

However, I get “Missing Audio” for some audio files.

The problem is… these audio files are actually part of the VSTSound library that is installed with Cubase. However, the Missing Audio dialog box only allows you to open a “File Browser” to find the missing individual audio files.

VSTSound is a monolithic protected library, so I feel I have no way of replacing the missing audio, even though I actually have access to those audio files via MediaBay, LoopBrowser, etc.

Okay, after a massive wait, Steinberg Support contact me to tell me they are too busy to respond to my support request. :neutral_face:

So once again, I throw myself at the mercy of the community to help me. bump

Quick update in case anyone has this problem in future.

You have to just drag the files (from Loop Browser, Media Browser etc.) back into your project on a blank Audio Track. This puts the files actually back into your project.

Go to Missing Files (or Audio Pool to see what’s missing) and then select the replacement file from the “Audio” folder in your project root.

Quite why Cubase decided to massacre the .WAV files that were previously in there remains something of a mystery…