Replacing Missing Plug In With Same Settings (AutoTune)

Hey ya’ll
So I’ve been using AutoTune Evo 32 Bit, in the past whenever I’ve updated to a new Autotune version Cubase knows this and will automatically apply the new version of the plug in even across product names.

But now I have Cubase 10.5 it doesn’t support 32 bit, I now have 64 Bit AutoTune Artist, but for some reason Cubase isn’t recognizing that it’s the same plug in just a different version/name.

How do I get Cubase to treat AutoTune Artist 64 Bit as the new version of AutoTune Evo 32 Bit or is there a way to copy settings from a missing plug in into the new?

It used to be automatic and I have 100s of tracks over dozens of projects I’m working on that use AutoTune Evo, I don’t want to have to individually retune each one. Would literally take so long lol

Thanks so much


This is on the plug.-in side. Every plug-in has it’s own ID. If the ID changes from version to version, Cubase doesn’t see it as the same plug-in anymore. It’s an other plug-in from Cubase point of view.