Replacing rests

If I have removed a rest (using edit | remove rests) and some time later (too late to simply undo) I decide I want the rest after all, how do I put the rest back?

Select the note immediately before the first hidden rest, then switch off its “Ends Voice” property.

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…or the note immediately after it, and “Starts Voice.”

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You can also change the duration of existing notes, then change the duration back to what you want - often this restores missing rests.

I’ve searched for threads treating this subject but couldn’t find any, sorry for reviving an old topic.

In the attached project I have removed rests and want them back. This is in the piano part, left hand, bars 71 and 72. The Ends voice and Starts voice properties are not toggled, neither on the note in bar 70, nor on the two-bar multibar rest in bars 73 and 74, nor in the first note in 75. I’ve turned them on and off again. I’ve tried to input rests with comma and with Y, with and without O – this turns the bars into dotted halfnote rests, and of course I want them to be whole bar rests. There is a pedal marking through bar 72, naturally two single bar rests will show, but there should be bar rests for both hands. Extending the notes through bars 71 and 72 is not an option, the pianist should release the keys at bar 71. I’ve tried extending the chords and turning them into rests again, but it still doesn’t produce bar rests in the left hand. I have extended the chord and then manually shortened its duration with alt+shift+back arrow – when the chord is shorter than a full bar, the rest of the bar is filled with rests, but as soon as the chord leaves the bar, it is empty and no rests shows. I’ve tried many more actions as well. Suggestions are heartily welcomed. (693.8 KB)

Hi, to see what is happening i advise to turn on voice colors in the view menu.

There are at least 3 different options to solve your problem.

a) select the chord in bar 70 and change the voice to up-stem voice 1
b) invoque the caret in bar 71 and type shift+B “rest”
c) select the chord in bar 67 and uncheck the ends voice property, you’d need to remove the rest in bars 69-70.

Phenomenal. Your option b solved the problem in two seconds. Thanks!

(I wanted to mark my problem “solved”, but I can’t find the button – I guess only the thread opener can do that.)