Replacing sample with drag/drop without losing zone settings

hello, i use halion to place vocal oneshots, I take a lot of time to set up things like glide, portamento, etc. I would like to audition different samples with these zone settings easily, everytime I replace the same in the zone with a new one via drag and drop from mediabay, the zone settings get blanked out. Any ideas?


I just tried to replace a sample using drag/drop from Halion Mediabay and the zone settings were retained.

If you want to audition different samples with your current settings, try the context menu.
Right click the sample in program tree> Import/Export>Replace Sample.
It will bring up file browser. If you check the Prelisten Sample checkbox, you can audition any sample using your current zone settings including any FX you might have in your program/layer.

Select the sample and play a note on your midi keyboard.

That works with no problem (dragging from Halion mediabay), but dragging from the Cubase mediabay (which has the tagging i require), is problematic, as it wont let you swap samples, just ‘add’ them to the zone. This is a huge problem and still looking for a work-around. Just go ahead and try it, the halion mediabay let’s you ‘swap/replace via drag and dropping of a sample’ – but the cubase only ‘lets you add a sample to the zone above or below the current sample’…