replacing tied notes

Sorry for this basic question, but what is the quickest way to replace the selected tied eighths with a quarter?
replace ties notes.png

re-enter them/it by selecting a crotchet and then use Force Duration would be my initial thought.

Enter, O, C.

(Enter gets you into Note Writing mode. The duration should already be selected; if not, press 6. Then O to Force duration. Then C for the pitch.)

But make sure all the options in Notation Options > Note Grouping are as you want them.

There is an option there which will automatically resolve this issue (whenever it occurs) without having to force duration.

I was hoping for something quicker and more straightforward than re-entering the note. I’d prefer not to change this globally. Oh well. Thanks anyway!

I generally leave Force Duration on while typing in notes. There’s probably a reason why that’s a bad idea, but it ensures that I always get the shapes I want.

Good point. Just tried that for a project entered completely in Dorico (no xml import) and leaving Force Duration on did reduce the number of individual Properties edits after entry. I’m still getting used to Dorico’s ‘taking over’, though; shades of Sibelius!

The way to think of it is Dorico doing the work for you – but you have to tell it what you want first.

The alternative is for the app to do nothing at all to help you, and you have to set and move everything individually. And you know where you can get that! :smiley: