replacing time-stretched material

So I did some time stretching of a piece of classical music to help a film director. We did the time stretching and editing using a 16-bit 44.1KHz .wav off a CD. I guess it was converted to 44.1KHz 24-bit inside my project. The client then went on to officially “license” the music from a record label and received 24-bit 48KHz AIFF files of the music from them directly. Now I’m in an interesting spot where the client would like to use the full quality 24-bit 48KHz file they received. Is there any way to replace the file in the pool with the higher quality one and preserve our meticulous time stretching? Maybe I convert the existing project to 48K and then swap the files out?

Or, maybe there is no difference between the two files and I should just use the original 16-bit 44.1 and export to 48 24-bit and call it good.