Replicate rehearsal marking enclosure

How might I replicate these? Specifically the enclosures.

Screen Shot 2023-11-17 at 1.52.02 PM

Those boxes are probably built into the font. I don’t remember font names offhand but you can search the internet for “rehearsal fonts”.

Most of the “Pretend Pen” :grin: fonts contain glyphs for constructing these boxes - Finale Jazz Text, Broadway Text, Golden Age, etc.


Ben’s right. That looks like Finale Jazz Text to me which contains all of these enclosure options:

Thank you, Ben, Fred, Mark. Any resources on how to create them?

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Scroll down to Finale Jazz Text Character Set and click on Enclosures. That will tell you what ALT+ code to enter to get either the predefined rehearsal letters, or the codes for the various enclosures.

Appreciate it. Thanks.

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Hi Fred, I’m struggling where to modify. Music symbols?

Hmmm, changing some of those items seems to be quite a bit trickier than it initially appeared. Unless I overlooked them, the Segno and Coda ball don’t have definitions in Music Symbols. They also don’t seem to appear in glyphs.xml or composites.xml either, meaning Dorico is hardwired to look for those glyphs in a specific spot in a SMuFL font, so therefore can’t be overridden with a doricolib file.

I think you’ll end up just using System Text for everything using this style. Not ideal, but it works.

Thank you

I’m a bit confused as to what the conclusion of this thread was.

Is this screenshot taken from Dorico?

When I insert the special characters listed in the Finale manual in Dorico, e.g. ALT+0234 = ê, I just get the special character in a jazzy font, not the enclosure.

Yes, that screenshot was from Dorico. When using Jazz font you have to build the enclosures, or use the predefined rehearsal letters with enclosures. On this page, scroll down to Jazz Text Character Set / Enclosures to see the codes.

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Strange, that doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m doing it on MacOS rather than Windows so perhaps that’s the issue. But using the corresponding guide for MacOS, when I type OPTION+SHIFT+2 (which should be a boxed letter ‘D’, I just get a Euro symbol:

I tried manually installing the Finale fonts from here in addition to the ones that are included with Dorico and it made no difference.

Ah that was the wrong font. The manual installation adds a font called JazzText. That’s the one I needed and it now works.

EDIT: manually installing the Finale fonts somewhat broke the font system in Dorico (I assume the Finale installer overrides Dorico’s Finale Jazz with its own version). Reinstalling Dorico put things back to normal.