Report bug on the timeline C13.0.4

HI im using Cubase 13.0.4 Pro on Macbook Pro M1 Max.
I am usually able to option + click to select the left locator & command + click to select the right locator however this doesnt work anymore. sometimes it works from be clicking random buttons on the “divide track list” but it goes back to not working and being buggy. I was wondering does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

Heres a screenshot to visualize

Ok so it looks like this is a bug. this is how someone can recreate this bug:
step 1: load a fresh cubase empty project
step 2: go on media bay and drag 2 (or more ) audio files from media bay to timeline somewhere
step 3: you will get a prompt: “insert objects on one track or insert each on different track?” select → “Different track”.

step 4: option + click on the timeline somewhere to try and set the left locator and it wont work

Im using Cubase 13.0.4 Pro , Sonoma 14.5, Macbook Pro M1 Max

Just so you guys know I always use a laptop and never use a mouse so this feature is critical for me and im sure some people out there!

thanks in advance


I will try later, when I’m with Cubase.

Can fit just drag the Locators? Can you set them in the Transport Panel?


I have tried to reproduce the issue, but it works as expected here on my side.

Why not just use your ‘range’ tool, select the range you want and then hit the letter ‘P’; it puts the markers in place. You can use the snap function or not. Maybe I’m not understanding the issue here.


I also prefer to set the Locators range this way. The only difference is, that I’m not using the Range Tool, I just select the MIDI Part(s)/Audio Event, I’m interested in.

thats true im just so use to using opt + click & cmmd + click as i only work on a laptop without a mouse .
im surprised noone has this issue on their system