Reporting latency in AU wrapper


I just discovered that while my VST3 version is reporting latency to the host, the same plugin but wrapped in the AU wrapper doesn’t.

I just define
uint32_t getLatencySamples()
in the processor.

Opening the VST, I can see x reported correctly.
Opening the AU, zero is reported.

Am I missing something simple or didn’t understand how it should be done?


Looking in the wrapper’s code, looks like it is just calling getLatencySamples() and converting the result from samples (returned by getLatencySamples()) into ms.
I also tried to temporarily set the reported latency to a big number (from 3 to 3000) to see if there was some rounding thing but not, still 0 reported from the AU.
Again, it could be some terrible mistake I’m making (not so rare).

Ok, some hosts (e.g. MixBus6 on Mac) actually get the latencysamples correctly reported by the AU wrapped plugin.
Reaper doesn’t (or doesn’t show it correctly on plugin’s window).