Reposition Group Fader in Mixer- How ?

Could somebody please tell me if its possible to reposition/reorder my Group Channel Fader in my CB7 Mixer relative to the instruments it affects ? I want it to be to the left of its instruments in the Mixer and right now all its instruments appear going left to right in the Mixer and THEN the Group Fader to the right of them.

I read somewhere that the order of faders in the Mixer is determined by the order of the tracks in the main window.

BUT: the order is correct in the main window (e.g. Brass Group Folder at the top followed by the various brass instrument midi tracks beneath). However in the Mixer all the instruments come first horizontally in order followed by the Brass Group fader to the right of them.

What am I doing wrong ? Confusing the Group Folder in the main window with the Group Fader ?

All the other Group Faders (Strings, Percussion) in the Mixer appear in the correct order horizontally, e.g. the Group Fader followed by the instruments they affect to the right of the Group Fader. And in the main window the Group Folder appears vertically first followed by the instruments in the group.

Shouldn’t I be able to just drag the Group channel strip in the Mixer to wherever I want it ?

you may have to sync your project window to one or all of your mixer views.
in the inspector click on visibility, drop down menu appears where can selct synchronization.
you cannot move tracks in mixer though, think there is a thread about it some where

In your mix console, click on the top left button(Windows Layout) so that you have the visibility and zones sidebar displayed on the left.
Click on the zones tab, groups and click on the brass left hand button - this will pin it to the left hand edge of the mixer.
Might not be your answer though, thinking about it. You may be using a mixture of instrument tracks and rack instruments in your group, which does mess up the mixer positions a bit
May not have given you the answer, but it may have given you a clue or 2 !!