repost: can't import some fxb files

I’m posting this again after getting no response previously:

Trying to import some FXB files that work fine in Halion 3. Some give no error message, others I get an error like this:
"Could not import Halion Preset ‘02xxxx.fxb’_Error during import (errorcode 40)

  • Chunk not recognized
  • read error during patch import.

If Halion 4 can’t read it’s own file format, this is a serious issue. Can someone from steinberg please respond? I would like to send someone these files for analysis.

System is Mac Pro 8x2.8 core, 14 GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.6.8, Symphony 64 card, Rosetta 800, Halion 4.0

Try this, load the problematic file into Halion 3 and resave it. See if it can be recognized in Halion 4 then. Probably not the solution you want to hear, but it could be a workaround. Problematic files may be from 3rd party banks, downloads etc and something may be up with them. If Halion 3 can read them, resaving them should make them 100% compatible with what you are trying to do. These should be able to be dragged and dropped right into Halion 4 with ease.