Reposted as no-one can give me an answer

I have just baught and installed Halion Sonic as I was using a trial version, during the trail period I baught and installed Dark Planet and Hypnotic Dance etc, now I have Halion Sonic full version installed I cannot access any of the sounds/plugins just a few that came with Halion Sonic. in cubase it states missing plu-ins Halion Sonic SE??!! :cry:

Most likely because no-one really understands your description of the problem.

Not sure, and not my style, but in general it is a matter of incorporating the right paths to the vst dll’s (check the Devices–Plug-in Information tab/window) and top the libraries they use (plug in settings).

Even though SE and the full HALion Sonic are separate plugins (so maybe you have two separate problems), there’s no reason why SE should be “missing” (it is installed with Cubase)
So I’d certainly start by re-installing Cubase from the DVD.

As regards not finding the presets, try rescanning MediaBay.

Cheers, I’ll look into that, thank you :wink: