Reproducable: Issue with Albino (crash and automation)

This issue was tested with Albino X64 on Cubase7 X64 on Win7

  1. Create an empty cubase 7 project
  2. Create an albino instrument track using the default patch
  3. Draw in 4 single note notes, one bar each
  4. Enable write automation on the track
  5. Record a (gentle) filter cut off sweep

Stop and play back - no automation is played back on my system.
Closing and reopening the projet helps.

Then, while still recording automation, I happened to flip through the patches using next/previous quite fast.
This made cubase crash and burn every time (after some 10-20 flips).

Never had any issues with cubase 6.x

Can anyone else verify?

In a quick test, I was able to confirm both of your problems (exactly same setup). But for me, Cubase 6.5 shows the same behaviour as C7. So its most likely specific to Albino (resp. its actual version).
While the automation curve is visible, the specific parameter itself is not marked es active (with a “*”) in the drop-down menu. Seems to be a communication problem with the plugin.
Solution for the automation problem: use “Quick Controls”, seems to work flawless.