Reproducable solution but not problem - Control Room

Hi all,

Using cubase 7.5.20 174 on 12 core Mac w mavericks 64gb of memory and using Motu 248 card with 2408mk3.

Every so often the outputs of my system just die. That is, no sound comes through. My solution USED to be to restart cubase. From time to time I also had an issue that if I left Cubase on overnight, I would come back to either NO Sound or very warbled distorted sound when I returned to my sessions the next day. The solution would be to shutdown Cubase and restart and all was well again.

Recently, however,instead of restarting cubase, I opened the VST connections panel and clicked on the ‘Studio Tab’ and toggled the Control Room. Just toggled it. If it was Off, I turn it On, and if it was On I turned it off. Guess What? All the warbling disappeared and I had audio again. I could then retoggle the CR button to the state I need it in and all is fine again.

Also, as part of the same issue, I recently loaded up a Kontakt 5.3 vst instrument. When I tried to use the “rev” sounds (awesome made by Output Audio) ALL sound turned off. I quickly went to the CR panel and toggled the Control Room and all was well. I noticed that every time I loaded a New instrument into this particular Kontakt Interface I had to toggle the CR. Annoying for sure.

So there you have it. For some reason on my system, the Control Room toggle is a fix for two particular problems: 1. NO SOUND 2. Warbled/Distorted Sound.

If you guys can help me sort out the issue so that I don’t have the problem at all that would be wonderful.

Thanks in advance


Hi F it sounds like Cubase is “dropping” the sound card driver. I would guess that by switching the CR on and off you are forcing the computer to refresh the driver. Next time instead try switching the driver and then back again in the asio control panel. I’d be shocked if this doesn’t solve it… If this is problem I imagine only an interface/sound card driver update can solve it permanently. Is your motu sound card/interface officially certified to work with OSX mavericks?

Hope that helps


Hmm, I could have sworn i had the latest drivers from motu. I will check though.

Mike. Interestingly enough it only happens with the Rev vst instrument.

Also found the problem with NI action strikes.

Problem went away with Cubase 8.

Thanks for this thread. I had weird wobbly sound last night, and the control room was freaking out as well … I figured it was gremlins or something, next time I’ll do the control room thing, or the interface thing, as above.